You must be 15 years or older or at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside or from which you use this Service.

Eligibility Registration & Account Security

This section describes the eligibility criteria we require from all of our users. When you register to use our Services (as defined below), we need to make sure that you are able to legally contract with us. This section also explains that you are responsible for account security including all use of the Services through your User account, whether or not authorized by you.


Sending unsolicited bulk and/or commercial messages (Email/Other) (known as “spamming”) on the Internet is prohibited, whether it overloads a server or disrupts webbikroy customer service. reserves the right to determine the breach of this provision on the basis of its full and thorough consideration. We can take a step in your account. If this is the first time you have done this, we will suspend your account for 5 days with a warning. If you do it again, we will delete your account without any notice.

Illegal Use services may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage or distribution of any information, data or material in violation of any applicable law or regulation or that may directly facilitate the violation of any particular law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material; trademarks; trade secrets or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization; material that is obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat, or violates export control laws.


You Don’t Upload any Copyright Constant , Porn Video, Movie, Hacking Tools, or any illegal Things. Mass Mailing or Bulk Mail are Not Allowed because This is a Shared Hosting Not Email Hosting . If You Still Any confusion Please Contact us.

Your account or  your order

You should not request any change in the owner’s name when delivering the product.

webbikroy retains all authority to ban/cancel/freeze/unfreeze your account(s) if it deems it necessary to do so. webbikroy is not guaranteed to pay you the balance amount (of cashback) if your account is blocked/banned.

Any balance paid by your Paypal /Card Payment /UPI Or any other payment method will be refunded to you within a cheap period. Please note that this will depend on the calculation of the cashback you receive and use vs. your total payout.


Only registered users can buy and sell in our webbikroy service center. Registration is free. When registering for an account, you agree to provide us with accurate, complete and updated information and not to create an account for fraudulent or misleading purposes. You are solely responsible for any activity on your account and for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your password We are not responsible for any acts or omissions by you in connection with your account.

Buyers pay the webbikroy in advance to create an order (see Payment Terms).

Orders are purchased via the order button or custom offer found on the seller’s gig page.

Please refer to the Payment Terms for Fees and Payments.

Sellers must fulfill their orders and cannot cancel orders regularly or without reason. Canceling the order will affect the seller’s reputation and status.

Sellers earn their account status (level) based on their performance and reputation. Advanced tiers offer benefits to their owners, including offering services for higher prices through Gig Extra or selling multiples of their Gigs.

Users may not offer or accept payment using any method other than placing an order through We will not be responsible if a person makes a payment outside our website and later falls victim to any fraud.

When purchasing a gig, buyers are granted all rights to the delivered work, unless the seller specifies otherwise on their gig page.

Note: Some Gigs charge additional fees (via GigXtra) for commercial use licenses. See our section below for more information.

webbikroy retains the right to use all published published works and digital services for marketing and promotional purposes.

We care about your privacy. You can read our privacy policy.

The Privacy Policy is a part of these Terms of Service and is incorporated herein by reference.

webbikroy offers digital products to its users, which allows certain sellers to offer different original products to adjust and customize the buyers according to their specific needs using special automated service tools. Through the seller, buyers purchase the right to full commercial use of the service embedded with their needs.


Sellers create Gigs on webbikroy service to allow Buyers to purchase their services.

Sellers may also offer Custom Offers to Buyers in addition to their Gigs.

For security concerns, webbikroy may temporarily disable a Seller’s ability to withdraw revenue to prevent fraudulent or illicit activity. This may come as a result of security issues, improper behaviour reported by other users, or associating multiple webbikroy accounts to a single withdrawal provider.

Sellers are responsible for obtaining a general liability insurance policy with coverage amounts that are sufficient to cover all risks associated with the performance of their services.


Sellers are allowed to post a select amount of active Gigs based on their Level status.

★7 Gigs for Sellers without a Level status.

★10 Gigs for Level 1 Sellers.

★ 20 Gigs for Level 2 Sellers.

★ 30 Gigs for Top Rated Sellers.

Gigs created on webbikroy are user-generated content.

Gigs and/or users may be removed by webbikroy from the Site for violations of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:

Illegal or Fraudulent services

Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party’s terms of service reported through our Intellectual Property Claims Policy.

Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene

Intentional copies of Gigs

Spam, nonsense, or violent or deceptive Gigs

Gigs misleading to Buyers or others

Reselling of regulated goods

Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers

Exceedingly low-quality Gigs

Promoting webbikroy and/or webbikroy Gigs through activities that are prohibited by any laws, regulations, and/or third parties’ terms of service, as well as through any marketing activity that negatively affects our relationships with our users or partners.

Gigs that are removed for violations mentioned above, may result in the suspension of the Seller’s account.

Gigs that are removed for violations are not eligible to be restored or edited.

Gigs may be removed from our Search feature due to poor performance and/or user misconduct.

Gigs may include pre-approved website URLs contained within the Gig description and requirements box. Gigs containing websites promoting content, which violates webbikroy Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, will be removed.

Gigs are required to have an appropriate Gig image related to the service offered. An option to upload two additional Gig images is available to all Sellers. Sellers must deliver the same quality of service as shown on their Gig images. Recurring deliveries that don’t match the quality shown on the Gig images may lead to the Seller’s account losing Seller status or becoming permanently disabled.

Gigs may contain an approved Gig Video uploaded through the Gig management tools available on webbikroy.

Statements on the Gig Page that undermine or circumvent these Terms of Service are prohibited.

Eligible Gigs in select Categories may set up Gig Packages to offer their services in structured formats with multiple price points for the selected Gig.

Certain categories are available only to Pro Sellers to create Gigs. If you are not a Pro Seller, creating a Gig for services available to Pro only may result in the removal of your Gig.


Once payment is confirmed, your order will be created and given a unique webbikroy order number.

Sellers must deliver completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Work button (located on the Order page) according to the service that was purchased and advertised on their Gig.

The Deliver Work button may not be abused by Sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in these Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an Order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that order after review, affect the Seller’s rating and result in a warning to Seller.

An Order is marked as Complete after it is marked as Delivered and then accepted by a Buyer. An Order will be automatically marked as Complete if not accepted and no request for modification was submitted within 3 days after the order was marked as Delivered.

We encourage our Buyers and Sellers to try and settle conflicts amongst themselves. If for any reason this fails after using the Resolution Center or if you encounter non-permitted usage on the Site, users can contact the webbikroy Customer Support department for assistance. For more information about disputes,

Order cancellations and refunds please refer to the payment terms.

Orders through the sellers are completed once payment is made by the Buyer.

A milestone (on an Order with milestones) is marked as Complete after it is delivered by the Seller and then accepted by the Buyer. A milestone will be automatically marked as complete if no acceptance or request for modification were submitted within 8 days after being marked as Delivered, however, in such case, the Order will be stopped and all further milestones will not start. Once a milestone is delivered and accepted, Buyers may choose to either continue with the Order and pay for the next milestone or to stop the Order. If the Buyer does not pay for the next milestone within 10 days of acceptance of previous milestones, the Order under the next milestones will not start.

Please note that if you choose to stop the future milestones, the current ordered milestone will not be cancelled.

Buyers may purchase a fixed-term Subscription to a specific Gig, if available on the Seller’s Gig page. During the Subscription Period, a new Order of the same Gig will be automatically created each month. By purchasing a subscription, you authorize us to automatically charge you for each Order under the Subscription from your webbikroy Balance or saved payment method, as applicable. If you do not have any webbikroy Balance or a saved payment method, you will be requested to approve the payment before the next Order.

In case a payment is not processed or made by Buyer, for any other reason, the Orders under the Subscription will be cancelled. Buyers may also cancel future Orders under the Subscription before payment is made for such future Orders. Once payment is made, the webbikroy Order Cancellation policy under the payment terms will apply.

Please note that Sellers can cancel future Orders under the Subscription 10 days before the next consecutive Order.

Certain Gigs that offer local services might require Buyers and Sellers to meet in person for the Seller to perform the service. In such cases, users should note that webbikroy does not guarantee the behavior, conduct, safety, suitability or ability of either Buyers or Sellers.

Both Buyers and Sellers agree that the entire risk arising out of their meeting and/or their use or performance of local services remains solely with them, and webbikroy has no responsibility or liability related to any local services provided by the Sellers. If the service is performed on the Buyers’ premises, Buyers are encouraged to maintain proper insurance policies to cover their liability as to the premise owner. webbikroy Terms of Service and Community Standards remain applicable to Orders that are performed outside of the marketplace (including, among others, the below restrictions on Unlawful Use, Inappropriate Behavior & Language, and Targeted Abuse).

Reporting Violations

If you come across any content that may violate our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, you should report it to us through the appropriate channels created to handle those issues as outlined in our Terms of Service. All cases are reviewed by our Trust & Safety team. To protect individual privacy, the results of the investigation are not shared. You can review our Privacy Policy for more information.


Users may receive a warning to their account for violations of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards or any user misconduct reported to our Trust and Safety team. A warning will be sent to the user’s email address and will be displayed for such users on the Site. Warnings do not limit account activity but can lead to your account losing seller statuses or becoming permanently disabled based on the severity of the violation.

Disputes and Arbitration

If the Client believes that the Service(s) are deficient, the Client shall officially notify the dealer in writing, inviting dialogue on the earliest viable possibility and giving clean indicators as to how the Service(s) have now no longer been satisfactory. After such discussions, The Supplier shall treatment any agreed faults inside an agreed, affordable timescale, now no longer usually to exceed a duration more than the unique contract. If the Client has officially notified the Supplier of this sort of deficiencies, he shall now no longer be entitled to withhold charge of any invoices that the Supplier has already submitted for the Service(s), or pay this sort of invoices because it sees fit. Neither birthday birthday celebration will be entitled to claim any credit, set-off or counterclaim towards the alternative which will justify withholding charge of any quantity due, in entire or in part.
If the dealer is not able or unwilling to treatment the above faults, the Client may also terminate the Agreement forthwith; if the Supplier feels that his Service(s) aren’t at fault or that the Client is bigoted in its judgment of the exceptional of his Service(s), and the events are not able to agree the problem amicably among them, the problem can be resolved through connection with an unbiased adjudicator who’s suitable to each events, and whose choice each events agree will be final; such an adjudicator might also decide what quantities the Supplier can be paid for his Service(s) to this point if appropriate. If, after dialogue regarding any difference, dispute or query bobbing up from this Agreement, the events are not able to attain agreement, the problem will be settled through connection with arbitration.
If the Supplier`s overall performance of its responsibilities below the Agreement is avoided or behind schedule through any act or omission of the Client, its agents, sub-contractors, experts or employees, the Supplier shall now no longer be accountable for any costs, costs or losses sustained or incurred through the Client that rise up at once or circuitously from such prevention or delay.

Respect of Reputation

The events agree to apply affordable efforts now no longer to at once or circuitously criticism every other, any in their employees, pals or companions publicly in any manner which negatively impacts the popularity of the alternative which include in posts or opinions on public forums, blogs or social networks at any time in the course of or next to the time period of the Agreement.


The Client shall now no longer, with out the previous written consent of the Supplier, at any time from the date of the Agreement to the expiry of 365 days after the ultimate date of deliver of the Service(s) or termination of the Agreement (whichever is the latest), solicit or trap far far from the Supplier or rent or try to rent any man or woman who’s, or has been, engaged as an employee, representative or sub-contractor of the Supplier with inside the provision of the Service(s).