Are you thinking of selling your old website, domain, youtube channel, facebook page, facebook group, free fire account or any other digital product / property? Or you have a brand new digital product that you don’t want to use! is the only way to sell any such necessary or unnecessary digital property!
WebBikroy is a great platform to bring buyers and sellers from all over the world together. Its system is quite simple to use and here you can browse a variety of digital products / properties. You can also advertise to sell any of your own products.

Despite the many advantages of using it, many are unable to find buyers or sell products quickly due to some common mistakes. So if you are thinking of selling your product or service, you must try to avoid the following 4 mistakes when posting ads on WebBikroy. And this is how your product will start selling fast!

1. Not giving real pictures in advertisements

Many people make this mistake when advertising on WebBikroy. Many sellers do not provide actual pictures / screenshots of the product / property when posting advertisements for their products. Instead, download pictures from online and advertise. In many cases buyers do not respond very well to their ads, or experience bad experiences when interacting with interested buyers.

The main reason behind this is that the buyers are more interested in seeing the actual picture / screenshot of the product than the dazzling advertisement religious picture when buying any product. Buying stock photos of the product online can often make buyers think of you as a fake seller or fraudster. And in the minds of buyers, such thoughts greatly reduce the chances of them contacting you or selling the product.

And that’s why it’s best to take a picture / screenshot of your product before posting an ad. This will build buyers’ trust and confidence in you, as well as increase your chances of selling your product.

2. Claiming unreasonable prices for products

If you put any price in the advertisement more or less than the fair price, then there is a possibility of getting in danger. Before posting an advertisement for your product, it is better to research the price and demand of that product in the online market. Once you understand what other sellers are asking for, set a competitive price that is profitable for you. And in this case, the price will not seem unreasonable and high to the buyers.

If you write a much higher price than usual, no buyer will be interested in buying it. Rather they will find sellers who are selling the same product at a relatively low price. On the other hand, if you write a much lower price than usual, many people will not want to believe it. And buyers can avoid thinking your product is spoiled or fraudulent.

3. Not mentioning enough details in the advertisement

In our opinion, the more detailed you describe your product, the more views you will get This means that the more information you add when writing a product description, the more attractive that ad looks in the eyes of buyers. That means the more views that ad gets. Nowadays it is not enough to just advertise with attractive pictures / screenshots and good prices – it is important to write the product description in a very credible and encouraging way.

We would say for sellers, try to provide as much detailed information as possible with the advertisement of your product or service. Give detailed information about how long you or someone else has used the product, or whether it is brand new and fresh. Make a list of all the products you are offering with the product. For example, if you want to sell a website, specify whether you are offering additional content such as domain and hosting.

And the most important thing is to provide information about the current state of your product; If there is any defect in the product then it must be mentioned. It is better to be open and honest in all these matters, then you can get relief from various troubles next time.

With the right amount of information and the right keywords, your ad is more likely to find buyers and sell your product.

4. Advertising in the wrong category

Ads posted on WebBikroy are categorized into specific categories. This makes it easier for buyers to find products that suit their needs. If you accidentally post your product in one of the wrong categories, interested buyers may not find your ad properly. As a result, your ad views and product sales are greatly reduced.

Sometimes sellers face similar problems due to wrong selection of sub-categories, despite posting ads in the right category. It is very important to be able to post the advertisement of your product in the right place keeping in mind these small steps. And then finding the right customer for your product will be much faster and more effective.